The activity of Alternord Srl. is focused on the wholesale of high-quality petroleum products (diesel oil and gasoline). Our partners are leading manufacturers and reliable suppliers. Each delivery of either diesel oil or gasoline regardless the volume goes through the thorough check on the compliance of claimed quality. We trace the conditions of the storage and delivery of the products from the manufacturer to end consumer.Due to strict quality control and scrutiny we are in position to offer our customers diesel oil and gasoline of finest quality. After all, the product of high quality is the reputation of our company what is being preserved in any possible way.
      Turning into a customer of Alternord SRL you automatically become a consumer of high quality petroleum product (diesel oil or gasoline). And high-quality petroleum is primarily the protection of environment and safety of your equipment. Therefore, due to the consumption of high-quality diesel oil or gasoline complied to Euro class, emissions of sulfur to atmosphere are significantly lower and your machinery on high quality petroleum will serve longer. Realizing our full responsibility to Mother Nature and our customer, we carefully monitor the quality of the fuel supplied.


The main scope of acitivity of Alternord SRL is the wholesale of:

- Diesel Oil ULSD 10ppm (B0, B5, B7),

- Gasoline 95-98

      The quality of petroleum products we supply is provided by cooperation with largest and reliable suppliers – importers and refineries. The range is mainly presented by products of following companies: Petrol (Slovenia), OMV Slovenia (Slovenia) and MOH (Greece).

      We also sell diesel oil and gasoline of others leading European manufacturers. Depending on the season we supply both summer and winter diesel oil and gasoline. All products comply with European quality standards EN-590, EN-228 and EURO-5